As a custom shop, Silochi offers different materials for your cabinetry construction. Doors, boxes, fillers and shelves

can be manufactured with any of our available materials and colors with 15, 18 and 25mm thickness. Check out our recomendations below:


PROS: Strong material. Hold srews very tightly.

CONS: Often Spliter on Edges when cut. High cost for finishing the material.

MDF ULTRA (green)

PROS: 3x Stronger than MDF and more resistant to water and humidity damage.

CONS: Dense and Heavier

MDF (Fiberboard)

PROS: Stronger than particleboard. Low cost, easy cutting and painting.

CONS: Dense and heavier than particleboard. It soak water.

Particleboard   (Not Available)

PROS: Low cost, Light-weightm used in ready-made furniture.

CONS: Does not suport heavy loads, expand and discolor easily due to moisture

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